«Tiltanym» journal


Now the «Tiltanym» journal issued by the Institute of Linguistics named after A. Baitursynov, which is intended for the development of linguistic thought, considers various problems of Kazakh Linguistics from the scientific point of view, analyzes them and becomes the periodical known not only in the republic but also in the international scientific community of near and far abroad countries such as the USA, Canada, Cyprus, Hungary, Switzerland, Russia, Holland, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, China, Turkey, Germany, Mongolia.

The «Tiltanym» journal was created in 2001 under the leadership of  professor, Doctor of Philology N.Uali.

Since then, there is a big merit of editors-in-chief – Doctor of Philology, professor Z.M.Bazarbayeva and Doctor of Philology, professor Zh. Mankeeva in respect for frequency of release of the «Tiltanym» journal, maintenance of its high quality, carrying out of scientific editing and updates. Along with them, the contribution was made at different times by the persons responsible for release: candidates of Philological Science A. Fazylzhanova, A. Amanbayeva, Zh. Zhumabayeva, G. Kobdenova; editor Sh. Zhamykayeva in the formation of the journal.

In 2012 the «Tiltanym» journal had editorial board which included: M. Malbakov, Doctor of Philology, professor (editor-in-chief); A. Kaydar, academician of NAS RK; R.G.Syzdyk, academician of NAS RK; O. Aytbayuly, academician of NAS RK; K.Sh.Khussain, Doctor of Philology, professor; Zh. Mankeeva, Doctor of Philology, professor; Z.Bazarbayeva, Doctor of Philology, professor; N. Uali, Doctor of Philology, professor; A. Fazylzhanova, Candidate of Philology; A. Habiyeva, Candidate of Philology.

The journal provides the following materials:

  1. Scientific articles (the number of articles published from 2001 to 2012 is 564)
  2. Researches of young scientists (661)
  3. Linguistic heritage (18)
  4. From workbooks of researchers (10)
  5. Point of view, discussion (17)
  6. Lecture courses (5)
  7. Facts of scientific life (18)
  8. New researches (1)
  9. Anniversary (53)
  10. Review (4)
  11. Urgent problems of system researches in the language sphere (8)
  12. Scientific and innovative level of modern researches in the language sphere
  13. Techniques of training in language, the State language, terminology (7)
  14. New book (1) – Since 2012 the heading “New Edition, New Book” was added. Information on new books on Linguistics is provided here. Thus, there is an opportunity to acquaint the author and his book with readers.

In the first years, only articles of applicants for scientific degrees of Kazakhstan were published in the “Tiltanym” journal. Later, articles of independent researchers and scientists from the USA, Canada, Cyprus, Hungary, Switzerland, Russia (Chuvashia, Khakassia, Novosibirsk), Holland, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan (Karakalpakastan), Azerbaijan, China, Turkey, Mongolia began to be published here.

One more feature of the journal is that it becomes the base, the platform of approbation for publications of results of dissertation works of young scientists devoted to problems of Linguistics and some issues of literary criticism connected with Linguistics. The journal provides publications about the urgent problems of the development of Kazakh Linguistics which testify to the development of linguistic thought. In the heading of the journal “Point of view, discussion”, the problems which have no unambiguous interpretation in Kazakh Linguistics are submitted for discussion. In the Heading “Linguistic heritage”, the manuscripts of linguists which weren’t published earlier are provided. In the heading “From workbooks of researchers”, materials about searches of the solution of a scientific problem which allow one to come to the desirable result are provided. It is supposed that materials of the heading “Lecture courses” will become the basis for specialization courses at philological departments of higher education institutions.

The articles published in 2003-2011, which are devoted to urgent problems of Linguistics, especially to new novel directions of science, expand the horizons of knowledge of readers (independent researchers, experts). The journal with periodicity 4 issues per year published 1384 articles.

In recent years this journal becomes known not only in Kazakhstan, but also in neighboring countries, the geography of its distribution extends. Especially often independent researchers and scientists from Russia (Chuvashia), Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan (Karakalpakstan), Azerbaijan, the People’s Republic of China, Turkey, Mongolia publish their articles in the journal. For example, from 2001 to 2011 over 50 articles of foreign authors were published. It is thought that in the near future the journal is worthy to be among editions with high impact-factor.

A. Amanbayeva, chief researcher of the Institute of Linguistics named after A. Baitursynov,
Candidate of Philology responsible for release of the Tiltanym journal.