The 15-volume “Dictionary of the Kazakh literary language”

The unique 15-volume “Dictionary of the Kazakh Literary Language” contains 92,300 words and 57,856 word-combinations  – altogether 150,156 lexical units; an interpretation of more than  166,000 words is given. The dictionary includes names of objects, phenomena, events, words that are not used in the common language – terms, dialects, professionalisms.

Specialists of the Institute of Linguistics named after  A. Baitursynov were working for about 10 years at its creation. As the head of the editorial staff  of the compilers Nurgeldy Uali noted, the dictionary reveals all the wealth and beauty of the Kazakh language and will make a significant contribution to raising of its status as the State language. It is intended for workers of mass media, science, education, culture, for all who wish to study the language more deeply.

The dictionary was published in the circulation of 10 thousand copies, and it will be sent to educational institutions and libraries of the country. The Chairman of the Committee on Languages ​​of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sherubai Kurmanbaiuly emphasized the fact that the dictionary is planned to be supplemented and possibly published in 20 volumes.