The Institute is the only scientific center in the world studying the Kazakh language; the unique Kazakhstan organization which is engaged in the development of linguistic science in the State language, creating the theoretical and practical basis for the formation of the language policy of Kazakhstan; the research center replenishing and improving such basis according to the modern environment. In this regard, annual work of the Institute is carried out in the context of several programs. For example, till today the staff of the Institute along with fundamental and application-oriented, proceeding and start programs actively participated in implementation of the State programs «Мәдени мұра» (“Cultural heritage”), «ҚРдағы тілдерді қолдану мен дамыту»  (“Functioning and development of languages in RK”)

The areas of work of the Institute are connected now with several programs. These are basic and practical researches through grant science funding; in perspective financing – the State programs “Scientific treasury”, “Functioning and development of languages in RK”.

In addition, researchers of the Institute participate in different scientific competitions and become owners of grants.