Collective bodies – the Academic Council, the Scientific Council, the Council of young scientists constantly work at the Institute.

The Academic Council is a collective and consulting body of the Institute. The Council participates in the solution of problems of all activities of the Institute – economic, scientific-organizational, economic, personnel ones. The Academic Council organizes constant work of the seminar  “Linguistic Friday”. Opinions and views of researchers devoted to the development of linguistic thought of Kazakhstan and common problems of Linguistics are discussed here.

The Scientific Council performs scientific-productive activity, namely: the solution of the scientific problems arising during the implementation of fundamental applied grant and perspective research projects of the current year; elaboration of techniques and technologies of such researches; identification of their theoretical bases and practical value; discussion in the research team. These activities of the Scientific Council are performed by means of meetings of research-production seminars. The specialist in science from the Institute administration is responsible for work of the research-production seminar.

The Council of young scientists is a collective body which provides efficiency of the process of work of young scientists and promotes the solution of other social problems.