TIL KEMEL: the technologies help to learn the Kazakh language

In the framework of the introduction of the new methodology for teaching the Kazakh language initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science with the aim of improving the level of the Kazakh language proficiency in the Russian school pupils, the mobile application “Til Kemel” for a broad audience for learning the Kazakh language and the website with the same name for the junior school pupils tilkemel.kz were developed. The frequency dictionary of the Institute of Linguistics compiled by specialists of the Institute of Linguistics named after Akhmet Baitursynuly forms the basis of these two resources.

About the project team

The project was jointly developed by the Institute of Linguistics named after Akhmet Baitursynuly and the International University of Information Technologies. The Institute acted as the customer and financed the project. The team of the developers included the commercial director of the University Medet Turgambaev (the project manager), lecturer Sayatbek Orazbekov (the senior project developer) and three students – Meruert Nurgazy (Android system and design), Tolegen Mukhametali (iOS-version), Amir Halyk (administrative panel). The team of linguists: the deputy director of the Institute of Linguistics Anar Fazylzhanova (the project manager), linguists – Aisaule Amanbayeva, Aigul Amirbekova, Nazira Amirzhanova, Zhanar Zhumabayeva, Gulsinay Isayeva, Gulfar Mamyrbekova, Elmira Utebayeva, Dana Pashan, Ainur Seitbekova, Aizhan Serikbayeva, Almagul Khabiyeva; Samat Korabai (announcer), Inara Dilmukhamed (designer).

About the application

The instruction process is based on 6 types of tasks:

  • to translate a word from Kazakh into Russian by pictures;
  • to translate a word from Russian into Kazakh by pictures;
  • written translation of a word from Russian into Kazakh;
  • to listen to a word in Kazakh and enter (write) what you have heard;
  • to listen to a word or a phrase in Kazakh and enter the translation in Russian;
  • to compose a word from the proposed letters or a phrase / sentence from the words.

The application consists of 60 lessons, the number of the offered topics is 15. After each lesson, a user will learn 5-7 new words;  and if the total application is successfully gone through, more than three hundred Kazakh words can be mastered.

As a result of the active four-month work, the project which is innovative for the domestic segment of educational products has emerged. It meets all quality parameters: it is convenient and accessible from the IT point of view, and contains the content developed by philologists on the basis of mathematical methods of compiling frequency dictionaries.


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