The first scientific and linguistic periodical

«Tiltanym» magazine was first published in 2001. The founder and publisher of the magazine is the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Institute of Linguistics named after Akhmet Baitursynuly. The magazine has a cover and title pages, output data, ISSN, eISSN, editorial board composition, editorial policy, approved publishing ethics and a website (www.tiltanym.kz). The magazine is published 4 times a year.

Articles submitted to the scientific publication are registered in the CrossRef database, each article must be given a DOI – digital identification number, which is used to ensure copyright protection and the availability of the article in electronic documents. Since 2018, the journal «Tiltanym» has been indexed in the Kazakh citation database (KazDB) of the State National Scientific and Technical Expertise Center JSC. The editorial board of the journal includes leading domestic and foreign scientists. Scientific articles are published on the journal's website in Kazakh, Russian, and English languages, and the text of the article is placed in a fully open system. Since 2021, the magazine's website has been updated, it accepts articles online with the technical support of the ElPub platform based on the Editorial Manager system (submitting articles through the site). Information about the author of the received articles is taken and sent to at least two reviewers for review. The article will be published only if both reviewers give a positive decision.

The mission of the magazine is to publish new achievements of linguistics, to raise the scientific potential of the Kazakh language as the state language of Kazakhstan, to update the modern problems of the modernization and development of the Kazakh language. The goal of the journal is to create an open platform for scientific and professional discussion of a wide range of issues related to modern philological science.

The magazine accepts the results of scientific and applied activities in the field of humanitarian, including philological sciences, analysis of world linguistic thought, and unique linguistic articles aimed at disseminating the experience of organizing the processes of modernization of Kazakh society.

Tasks of the journal:

- publication of the results of scientific-theoretical and applied research in the field of linguistics;
- discussion of advanced humanitarian technologies and achievements in the fields of science and education;
- spreading the experience of integration of domestic and foreign innovative educational systems, Kazakh society modernization processes;
- presentation of a new concept, program, project, technologies contributing to the development of linguistic science and other social and humanitarian sciences;
- formation of a communication platform of potential participants of social cooperation in the field of linguistics.
Currently, the magazine «Tiltanym» published by the Institute of Linguistics named after A.Baytursynuly aims to develop linguistic thought in Kazakhstan, provides expertise and analyzes at a scientific level on problems in various areas of Kazakh language education, not only domestically, but also in the USA, Canada, Cyprus, Novosibirsk, Hungary, Switzerland. , Russia, Holland, Chuvash, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, PRC, Turkey, Germany, Mongolia, Karakalpakstan, Khakassia, etc., and is becoming one of the periodical scientific publications that has established its position in the international space.